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Unique Treatment for Skin diseases,
Piles & Kidney Problems.

AyurGem Ayurvedic Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

To uphold the Purity & Authenticity of Ayurveda and to facilitate and ensure the upward progression of ‘The Science of Life’ in a global prospective.

High quality, cost-effective and integrative Ayurvedic treatment to all. A very personal care and follow up throughout the treatment period and beyond. Healthy, Dignified Long life and wellness to everyone through Ayurveda.

Our Services

A group of excellent and highly skilled Medical Professionals with vast knowledge and expertise ensures the best treatment in Skin care, Piles and Kidney problems.


Ayurgem integrates traditional knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga & herbal medicines with modern diagnostic techniques to ensure complete healing.

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Wellness & Rejuvenation

Ayurgem Wellness & Rejuvenation service focuses on healthy life style which aims at minimizing stress, preventing wear & tear and delaying ageing process.

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Ayurgem Rehabilitation program aims at bringing you back to healthy lifestyle. It makes you energetic, vibrant and more passionate to life.

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Ayurveda Products

Ayurgem has 52 classical and 26 patented products manufactured in own factory using handpicked raw material from own garden.

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How to become a Franchise

Would you like to join us in our mission to serve mankind? Be our franchise partner. We will support you at every single step.

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Wellness Club Membership

Have a perfect holiday experiencing the wonderful refreshing & rejuvenating effects of the glorious tradition of Ayurveda on your mind & body.

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Ayurgem, one of the best Ayurvedic Hospital in thrissur. For my skin problems I visited several Hospital and doctors. But here at Ayurgem, doctors are highly professionals in skin problems. Now I know its important to find out a right place to cure problems completely. Thank you AyurGem.

Mohammed Faize

Ayurgem is the best centre for any piles problem. All doctors and staff are so good. Really a trustworthy. For digestion problem and constipation and Fissure Ayurgem Ayurvedic Hospital is the best. Very good doctors, no pain, no antibiotics complete cure.thank you Ayurgem.

Kadeeja Kaija

I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for the past 2 years. I have tried many ways for treatment as prescribed my doctor but nothing worked. It was very annoying since one of my friends suggested me Ayurgem hospital. After the first course of the treatment I felt so much relief. 3 weeks later the hemorrhoids I had for years has completely got rid of. Thank you Ayurgem.

Diana victor


Our Treatment Destinations


Our state of art OP centres located at the outskirts of Thrissur city. Here we provide consultation and treatments for various illnesses including Skin, Kidney and Piles

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Best Geographical location in the foothills of western ghat surrounded by virgin coffee producing hill stations of Wayanad. An ideal location to relax unwind and reconnect.

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Best healing experience at a lush green eco friendly pristine atmosphere to ensure complete cure. The perfect location with all luxury amenities to DeStress and rejuvenate.

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