Anal fistula

Fistula in Ano

In a simple word we can say that Anal fistula is an abnormal extension of tract from anal canal to outside usually opens to peri anal skin . The infection or mild injury in the anal canal due to constipation or any other reason are common cause for fistula in ano. In fact, following drainage of a perianal abscess, there is an approximate 50% chance of developing a chronic fistula.  Other fistulae develop secondary to trauma, Crohn’s disease, anal fissures, carcinoma, radiation therapy, tuberculosis, and chlamydial infections.

Very long standing fissure develops hard fibroid tissue. Later on, perennial abscess or an anal fissure may form as a complication which leads to form fistulae tract.Fistulae in Ano is also a common cause of anal stenosis / spasmodic anus.

Symptoms of Fistulae in Ano

Pain and swelling are the main symptoms associated with anal fistula. There is a drainage of puss if the fistula tract is opened to outside. Ayurveda explains symptoms as pain, itching, blood stained stools , difficulty to sit and puss drainage.

Management of Fistula in Ano

Classical texts of Ayurveda like Sushruta Samhita and Charak Charak Samhita and Ashtanga sangraha elaborates  the use of many herbal formulations both oral & topical for the treatment of Fistula in Ano. Principles used in the management of Fistula in Ayurveda is to correct the infection and puss and granulation tissues within the Fistula tract. For these We are using unique PRATHISARANIYA THEEKSHNA KSHARA Sutra , a potent Ayurveda preparation to heal the Fistula tract soundly within days.

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