Do not Let Knee Joint Pain Bend You Down

Adults over forty need to be careful about their health, especially the limbs and joints. At this age, they start to get niggles, pains and aches. The knee joint pains may not be like the regular knee pain while running or the severe knee pain that you may have got at a younger age due to over-exercising or any strenuous activity. With age, people begin to have problems with their knee joint that restricts the movements and working of individuals. Mostly females are more affected than males whether it is sudden knee pain or a rheumatoid arthritis knee.

Causes of Knee joint pain

Some of the reasons for knee joint pain include excess body weight, a history of knee joint injury and accidents. Some of the other causes include tear of cartilage, ligament sprains, meniscus tear, knee cap dislocation, and fracture due to accidents or sporting injuries. Over weight and over use of knee joint also leads to knee joint pain in adults, especially in their late forties and later. In medical terms, a broad term, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, is used to describe pain below knee, or pain under the knee cap or in the front of it.

Symptoms of Knee pain

Pain and knee inflammation is the most important symptoms in knee joint problems. Stiffness, inability to walk and stand, numbness are presented in all conditions. For people with osteoarthritis, knee joint pain comes with swelling in knee joint, arthritis in knee, degenerative changes and associated inflammatory conditions. If you get a typical knee pain after running, you can find relief with home remedies for knee pain

Treatment for Knee-joint pain

Any knee joint pain treatment is decided after evaluating the symptoms and condition of the affected knee joint and considering the health of the surrounding ligaments and tissues and muscles. Earlier intervention and treatments is important because the symptoms of knee pain can significantly worsen over a short period of time, especially if the person has osteoporosis, arthritis knee pain or is over-weight.

Some of the symptoms can improve or be temporarily relieved with home remedies such as rest, elevation of painful knee joint, knee physiotherapy and application of hot and cold compression etc. But in many cases knee pain treatment at home may not suffice with knee pain home remedies Indian families are known to favor.

However treatment should not be delayed since joint damage can occur if the symptoms of knee joint pain are ignored or not treated properly. With arthritis, knee pain treatment at home is not advised.

Ayurvedic Treatment and Management of Knee joint pain

Ayurveda has very good options to treat knee joint pain and associated symptoms. It has to be decided by your Ayurvedic doctor who will determine the treatment plan and protocol. In Ayurveda it is decided is purely based on the causative factors while also considering the measures to repair and rejuvenate the affected part.

There are a wide variety of Ayurvedic Treatments that are recommended for people experiencing back pain. Ayurveda focuses on treating the root cause of the disease, rather than just the symptoms. Ayurvedic texts consider all diseases as conditions caused by dosha imbalance in the body and it is so for knee joint pain too, where it is concerned with restoring the balance of doshas in the body.

For patients with acute knee pain it also considers external treatments to prevent inflammatory process, and edema while for patients with chronic knee pain, the treatment plan is different. This condition is treated with medications, lifestyle changes and physical therapy, depending on the causes of knee pain.

Vata Dosha is characterised by a cold nature and therefore the treatment involves keeping yourself warm at all the times. Treatment includes massages and therapies like Podikkizhi, Illakaizhi, Kativasthi, Pizhichil, Nhavarakkizhi and Ksheeravasthi but the exact plan will be prescribed by the doctor. The treatment will be supplemented by food and exercise habits and changes. For instance, if you have knee pain, running and exercises early in the morning should be avoided as the cold can aggravate the Vata Dosha. while cold food items would be replaced by warm food.

We at Ayurgem follow these treatment lines in general. In addition we could also consider specific treatment lines depending on your condition, health, age and other factors. I would recommend you get in touch with us, if you sadly happen to suffer from this ailment. Good health to you.


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