What is Gastritis?

Gastritis is a stomach condition in which the lining of the stomach gets eroded, inflamed or irritated. There are many reasons for acidity to affect a person.

•  The most common reasons are alcohol consumption, certain medicines, and stress that cause gastritis for a prolonged time.

•  Infections- Bacteria or viruses might also lead to gastritis. When these microbes enter the stomach, they start interfering with the lining of the stomach and causing inflammation.

•  Bile reflux- Bile reflux means the flowing of bile from the stomach through the bile tract. This also leads to inflammation and irritation.

•  H.pylori is a bacterium that is always present in the lining of the stomach and might damage the stomach excessively. Sometimes, this leads to severe ulcers or cancer if not treated properly.

Symptoms Of Gastritis

In the starting, a patient does not feel any gastritis symptoms but as the condition worsens the symptoms of acidity start increasing and becoming more severe. Some of the most common early symptoms are Nausea, vomiting, bloating, pain in the abdominal area, indigestion or a burning sensation in the stomach. Later on, the disease might lead to loss of appetite. It might also lead to severe blood loss through vomiting or stools. The stools are black in colour. If the bleeding continues, the person might even form ulcers that might later lead to stomach cancer.

Types of Gastritis

Acidity has many different types including:

• Chronic Gastritis– Chronic acidity is a condition in which the lining of the stomach gets inflamed or irritated repeatedly due to the acids secreted in the stomach.further it can be classified into two types namely A and B.

• Acute Gastritis– Acute acidity is a condition same as the chronic one. The only difference is that acute gastritis causes some very severe problems in the body.

• Antral GastritisAntral acidity usually occurs in the lower part of the stomach. An injury, bacteria or a virus can cause it.

• Atrophic acidity– Atrophic acidityis a type of acute gastritis that is caused due to the death of the stomach glands. This leads to the death of the cells required to produce the protective layer of the stomach.

Autoimmune acidity– It is caused when the immune system starts attacking the stomach cells because of an underlying condition.

• Alcoholic acidity– As the name suggests, alcoholic acidityis caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol hinders the ability of the stomach to produce acids, which leads to inflammation.

Ayurvedic and Natural Herbal Treatments For Gastritis

Ayurveda has a proper treatment for acidity. Many different herbs and home remedies for acidity help in curing the acidity symptoms. Food items like amla, liquorice, and ginger are the most beneficial in the treatment of acidity.

Symptoms of Gastritis as described in Ayurveda

Gastritis in Ayurveda is known as Urdhva Amlapitta. It is said that acidity is is caused due to Pitta Dosha which is caused due to consumption of alcohol, tobacco or bad food habits. The Pitta that is affected causes an imbalance in the digestive fire of the body which leads to the release of Ama. Ama means toxins. The toxins that keep getting accumulated in the body later lead to acidity.

Ayurvedic Management Of Gastritis

In Ayurveda, Gastritis treatment includes restoring the balance of the digestive fire and the body energies. This is done by some pitta -calming acidity diet and some cooling ayurvedic medicines. Some big dietary and lifestyle changes are also advised. The basic idea is to detoxify the body and the stomach by eating and drinking things that do it. Yoga is very helpful in flushing out the toxins from the body. An Ayurvedic doctor can also prescribe some easy acidity home remedies to the patient.

When Should I See An Ayurvedic Doctor or Take Herbal Gastritis Medicine?

The patient should see an Ayurvedic doctor or take herbal acidity is medicine when he or she starts to notice severe symptoms. If there is blood in vomiting or stools, immediate consultation from the doctor is required.

What to Expect From The Ayurvedic Gastritis Consultation?

When you consult an Ayurvedic doctor regarding your acidity problem, he will run some tests to confirm the severity of the condition. Meanwhile, he will also prescribe Ayurvedic medicine for acidity and inflammation of the stomach. You can also expect to get a new diet chart to follow and advice about some lifestyle changes like exercise or yoga asanas. A regular follow-up is arranged to check the patient’s progress at regular intervals.

Ayurveda has the best treatment for gastritis as it not only cures the present symptoms but also helps the body regain its natural balance. This means that there is no chance for acidity to affect the abdominal region ever again.

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