Best Ayurveda Treatment for Lichen Planus in Kerala

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Lichen Planus

Lichen planus, in simple words, can say that it’s a skin inflammatory condition with rashes and hyper pigmentation. lichen ruber planus is generally predisposed in adult individuals in their late forties especially in lower legs. The skin rashes in Skin diseases are associated with multiple scales and skin bumps which is dry and itching.
Causes of lichen planus

As per the modern knowledge, the real cause for lichen ruber planus is yet to be understood. Some viral infections to the liver and metabolic disorders, topical exposures of chemicals and cosmetic products and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, varicosity, and another venous stenosis may lead to lichen ruber planus. Certain medicines such as quinidine also predispose lichen planus. Plaques or rashes in lichen ruber planus is also developed in wrist, cheek, mouth, around an anal and inguinal area and ankle joint.

Symptoms of Lichen planus.

Lichen planus in ankle, wrist and in a trunk is causing severe itching with a proliferation of tissues and hyper pigmentation. The rashes developed in Skin diseases later aggregates to form thick, dry and hyper pigmented tissues. Dryness and itching are the main symptoms that affect the daily life of people with Skin diseases. Dryness and itchiness are accompanied by scaly skin in lichen ruber planus , that can get infected if itched further.
What Ayurveda says about Lichen planus

Ayurvedic treatises narrates lichen ruber planus is caused by three broad categories

Ahara hetu which means the unwholesome and unhealthy food habits. A habit of taking junk foods and certain non-vegetarian diets such as read meat and artificial sweeteners increases inflammatory changes in the body.

Vihara hetu means our deranged lifestyle is also a determining factor for predisposing rashes and lesions of these diseases. Stagnant lifestyle, extreme temperature variations such as too hot and cold atmosphere especially in Working places also a reason in developing these diseases rashes.

Achara hetu , Ayurveda says the psychological and mental health of an individual also has some influences on lichen planus rash formation or its aggregates the conditions. Working with stress and lack of sleep is also a contributing factor for these diseases rashes.

Ayurvedic treatment for Lichen planus

Ayurveda is one of the oldest methods of disease treatment and has the cure for each and every disease known to man. lichen ruber planus treatment in Ayurveda involves bring back the balance in the Pitta and other body energies. This is done by various herbs as well as a proper diet and some yoga. The body is made healthy so that it not only heals but also gets stronger and better.

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