Ayurveda Treatment for Kidney Disease Prevention in Kerala

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Kidney Disease Prevention

Early detection and prevention of renal disease Chronic renal failure

The kidneys perform a very important function in our body. You remove the Substances of metabolism. If the kidneys do not work well for a long time, we call chronic renal failure. Renal failure can quite have different causes. If kidney tissue is affected by a disease, part of the disease goes Renal corpuscles with the associated renal tubules. The rest of The kidneys (filter) are very hard to get the job done. That succeeds kidney Disease Prevention mostly good. Only if there is not enough healthy tissue left the kidney does not make it any more. In most cases, that something is wrong. Often, the talk is of a gradual injury of the kidneys. If only 5 to 10% of the renal tissue functioned, one speaks from a severe renal failure. Without treatment this is life-threatening. It is then necessary to renal function by means of dialysis or transplant to replace.

Causes of Kidney damage

Damage to the kidney can be the result of a number of disorders. Here you will find the most common causes of chronic renal failure. Please note the following: Kidney Disease Prevention causes do not always lead to one permanent damage to the kidneys! If, however, chronic renal failure is, in many cases, one of the diseases listed below responsible.

The most common diseases are:

● Sugar disease (diabetes mellitus)
● Renal insufficiency (glomerulonephritis)
● High blood pressure
● Seizures and infections of the urinary tract
● Familial cystitis
● Use of large amounts of different painkillers (daily, years)
● Tumor disease

Is renal failure to be Kidney Disease Prevention?

It is sometimes possible to eliminate the cause of renal failure. If the renal function does not deteriorate any further. The less tissue of the healthy kidneys has been lost, the greater the chance that the Kidney Disease Prevention continue to function adequately. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to one chronic renal failure. Healthy kidneys have a great Reserve capacity. Therefore, it is usually unproblematic if the renal function with the aging a little. Even if the kidneys only half they can fulfill their tasks.

Early detection

There are several ways to detect kidney disease at an early stage. What should you pay attention to? You should have your kidney function checked: If you have a disease that involves risks for the Kidney Disease Prevention, eg High pressure. If you have symptoms that indicate kidney problems, how Fluid accumulation in tissue or blood in the urine.

If you have diabetes mellitus. It is then possible that you have too many red Blood corpuscles or protein in the urine. This should be checked regularly become.

If you have a relative (s) with a hereditary renal disease


As our efforts to prevent the possibility of kidney disease, then the following preventive measures to avoid kidney disease. Among others :

1.Expand drinking water consumption

To keep the kidneys to stay functioning properly, one of them by multiplying drinking water. Therefore, we are encouraged to drink water as much as 10 glasses (approximately 2000 ml) per day. Useful for the availability of water in the body is met, so that the blood volume in the body enough. If the blood volume is sufficient, then the renal blood flow becomes good. And if the renal blood flow is good, then the kidney work will also be good. In addition, adequate water supply will help maintain the rate of filtering (filtration) of the kidney. This will prevent the buildup of crystals that can potentially form kidney stones and will increase flow pressure, thereby facilitating the removal of toxins (substances not useful) in the body.

2. Food menu variation should be balanced

Get used to eating a balanced diet wich is help full for adequately. That is, in the diet of food every day should pay attention to the balance between nutrients, vitamins, proteins and minerals needed by the body. Excess protein levels will only increase the burden for the kidneys to remove the remaining – the rest of the processed. While the daily food menu variations, it will actually help avoid the pile of processed residues (residual metabolism) in the smallest unit of kidney filter.

3. Exercise regularly

Get used to exercise regularly will make the blood circulation becomes smooth, so the heart becomes healthy. If our heart is healthy, then the blood flow to the kidneys is also good, and the kidneys are functioning normally. For that to do mild exercise such as jogging, walking, cycling, swimming or other routine, at least 3 to 5 times a week, each for approximately 30 minutes.

4. Be careful in the use of drugs

The use of drugs beyond recommendation may actually be detrimental to health itself. Because every drug, especially chemical drugs, generally has side effects. So instead of making a healer, but on the contrary, it will be toxic to the body. For that, seek the advice of a doctor or other medical specialist, if you want to use chemical drugs. Besides, it is also advisable to be vigilant against the news – the news about the benefits of herbs, especially herbal medicines that have not been widely known to have certain properties. Because usually these drugs do not include the substance contained in the drug packaging itself. Except for proven medicines and widely known health benefits which are help Kidney Disease Prevention, such as honey, black cumin, temu lawak, sambiloto leaves and so forth.

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