Ayurveda Treatment for Knee joint pain

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Knee joint pain

One third of Adults over forties have problems with their knee joint . Knee joint pain is number one causes for restrict the movements and working of individuals. Mostly females are more affected than males. Excess body weight , history of knee joint injury and accidents all are leads to knee joint pain.

Symptoms of Knee pain

Pain and swelling is the most important symptoms in knee joint problems. Stiffness, inability to walk and stand , numbness are presented in all conditions.

Causes of Knee joint pain

Tear of cartilage, ligament sprains, meniscus tear, knee cap dislocation, fracture due to accidents or sports are main causes of knee pain . Osteoarthritis and degenerative changes and associated inflammatory conditions also leads to pain and swelling in knee joint.Over weight and over use of knee joint also leads to knee joint pain adults in their late fourties.

Ayurvedic treatment for Knee joint pain

Ayurveda has a well-developed strategy to treat knee joint pain and associated symptoms. The treatment protocol in Ayurveda is purely based on the causative factors of knee joint pain and also take measures to repair and rejuvenate the affected knee joint.

Ayurcliniq’s experienced doctors made in to a conclusion after evaluating the symptoms and condition of affected knee joint and also taking considerations of surrounding ligaments and tissues and muscles. Earlier intervention and Treatments should be made because the symptoms of knee pain are significantly worsening over a short period of time, if you have osteoporosis arthritis or over weight. Some of the signs and symptoms can improve or temporarily resolve when initially by home remedies such as rest ,elevation of painful knee joint and heat and cold application etc. Although treatment should not be delayed while awaiting , Joint damage can occur if the symptoms of knee joint pain are ignored or not treated properly over a period of time.

What to expect from Knee Pain Ayurvedic consultation?

After consultation, your Ayurvedic doctor at ayurcliniq will determine the treatment plan required. For patients with acute knee pain, external treatments to prevent inflammatory process, oedema. Those patients with chronic knee pain, the treatment plan is different. Here the condition is treated with medications, lifestyle changes and physical therapy based on the causes of knee pain. Physical therapy consists of regular exercises, yoga and other activities that improve flexibility and fitness of the body. However, if the condition is very severe, injections and surgery might also be required. Surgery is a very successful procedure in curing the ailment completely.

Your doctor will also prescribe massages and therapies like Podikkizhi, Illakaizhi, Kativasthi, Pizhichil, Nhavarakkizhi and Ksheeravasthi. These therapies are highly effective if done by an experienced Ayurvedic physician. Since Vata Dosha is characterised by a cold nature, you will be asked to keep yourself warm at all the times. You will have to give up going for exercises early in the morning as the cold can aggravate the Vata Dosha. Minor changes in food regime is also requested such as eating of warm food and cold food items should be completely avoided.

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