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Almost seven out ten people, in their lifetime, have problems associated with digestion, flatulence. Now a day common phenomena as people and their lifestyle are getting busy and stressed every day. Food habits and lifestyle are the two important things that cause constipation. Condition or difficulty to pass feces or passing hard stool. The condition of caused by many reasons to less amount of water you consumed to certain diseases conditions and usage of some medicines all lead to constipation. Most of the individuals’ which take an Expert medical advice as it causes by various reasons. Recurrent may lead to piles Fissure, fistula, flatulence and gastritis.

“Oh, it’s getting stressed!” When you are asked to revise your proposal in a hurry, when your boss is hurting badly, you are being impatient with your appointment, but when a taxi gets congested, etc. If you work, you feel some stress.

There may be people thinking “I want to go to a world without stress”! But unfortunately there is no such world. Even if you are not working, you get stressed by touching others, you feel stress, such as heat, cold, rain, temperature and climate. In other words, as long as we live, we can not afford to be stressed.

Therefore, it is the plan of this time to understand the stresses that have been consistent for a long time and to deal with stress management before appearing as symptoms in the body.

“Stress is a state that reacts by stimulation.It is stress that it is hot and humid, but it is stressful to feel refreshing feeling in the great nature, receiving a pleasant wind.That is stress To give a pleasant feeling to And there is something that gives offensive feelings. Knowing what oneself is getting a bad reaction on what you do leads to stress management “is to” heart health ”

It leads to stress management “, is a clinical psychologist, Konko Honda who actively promotes educational activities against” mental health “.

About two-thirds of the year is over and it is time for the beginning of the last span towards the end of the fiscal year. I want to remember how to deal with my stress right now, so as not to overstrain my stress by busy time.

Part 1: Understanding stress correctly

Part 2: Major Stress Causes

Part 3: Change caused by bad stress on the body

Part 4: How to deal with bad stress 1

Part 5: Countermeasures against Bad Stress 2

Part 6: A healing spot that can dissipate stress

Part 1: Understanding stress correctly

When you hear the word stress, you tend to have a bad feeling that you do not want to be involved if you can. Honda wanted to change its perception first.

“If you explain the ball more clearly than with your heart, the ball remains round when there is no stimulation. However, it is called stress that the ball gets recessed with some stimulus added. It is the state of the mind that is reacting by stimulation. ”

For example, in the morning, when you wake up you can hear birds crying, the scent of coffee boiled by your wife drifts, etc. If you receive a pleasant reaction, refreshing your mind is also called stress. Because bad reactions and good responses are also called stress, in order to distinguish them, we call the good reaction state “eustress”, the state where a bad reaction has been brought about as “distress” Yes (*).
You Stress

A beneficial reaction state that brings a pleasant tension and becomes energy of activity

For example : Impression from masterpieces and beautiful scenery

Fun and excitement from favorite sports and games


Harmful reaction state bringing unpleasant feelings to the living body

For example : Discomfort received from heat and cold

Anger from the boss saying disgust

It is not a bad thing to feel stress, but on the contrary it is better to feel moderate stress. However, it is a case of You Stress. It is prudent to reduce distress as much as possible.

The one that causes stress is called “stress source (stressor)”. In short, in order to reduce the distress, it is important to reduce stress sources. Let’s think about what kind of factor will be the stress source next.

* Supplement: Definition of stress. In the case of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, “reaction states occurring in living bodies in response to physical, mental and social stimuli.”
Part 2: Major Stress Causes

In order to reduce stress, it is important to reduce stress sources. For that, let’s first think about what sort of things can be stress sources.

Stress sources can be divided into four major categories: physical factors, scientific factors, biological factors, and social factors. If you are a lot of business to business partners, it is easy to feel the physical factors caused by light, temperature and so on. Also, if you are working at a factory, scientific factors due to metal powder and dust are likely to lead to stress. While watching the following, let’s guess the stress that you are likely to receive.

■ Physical factors

Light, sound, temperature, etc.

For example : Direct sunlight and tropical night, sultry, sweating

■ Scientific factors

Drugs · Tobacco · Alcohol etc.

For example : Excessive smoking exceeding an appropriate amount and drinking alcohol

■ Biological factors

Bacteria, ticks, pollen etc.

For example : Eye itching and runny nose due to hay fever

■ Social factors

Workplace and family problems, financial problems, etc.

For example : Fired or unemployed, moving, moving, divorcing, war, famine

Honda says what causes stress change, such as anxiety, frustration, anger, depression, among the main stress sources as “psychological stress factor”.

“Psychological stress factors are easy to invite state of distress, so it is important to note that it is social factors that are likely to cause psychological stress factors among the four stress factors but it can not be said that Even if you are saying that “stress is not at all,” I sometimes say, “It is stressful,” sometimes when you can not sleep because of the stress such as itch bited by ticks and itchiness, I do not think that you should recognize that everyone is exposed to a condition that is susceptible to distress. ”
Part 3: Change caused by bad stress on the body

If you continue to receive distress for a long time, there will be changes in your mind and body. “In the case of Japanese people, many people talk about their bodies first,” Honda said.

“I think that it is probably a problem of ethnicity, in the case of Westerners, I tell the other person what I want, straight to the other person, but the Japanese do not make things to speak straight, I will assume it does not say Because there is a part that has been regarded as aesthetics, I have not had much experience of organizing and talking about my inner part so it is impossible to expel even when my heart is filled so much, It begins to speak. ”

■ Changes in physical aspects

Suddenly thrusts · Headaches · Stomach suffers · Losing sleepiness etc.

Although I did not have a problem even in precision examination etc, I felt headaches frequently or I felt asleep, but I was sleeping for an hour, now I can not sleep after three hours It is cautionful if you feel a different body change than before.

■ Change in psychological aspects

Become lethargic · get irritated · get depressed · feel uneasy · decline in concentration etc.

In addition to passive changes such as losing motivation and getting tired quickly, there are also changes that become aggressive, such as getting caught in a bit of things. If the feelings tend to sink or if suppression stops for the feelings that had been suppressed until now, it is evidence that the mental health is in shadow.

■ Behavioral aspects change

I will be late for lunch · I will do absence · I will not laugh · I will avoid interpersonal exchanges etc.

People who are always starting work before starting work are coming to the office to the office, are not careful about the grooming, careless mistakes increase, and the behavioral side changes are noticeable to the surroundings. It is also one of the signs that you will not be able to interact with people, such as becoming sick of club activities or getting into circles even if you talk about favorite soccer.

Among them, Mr. Honda said that it is important to be aware of when “people are going to get out of work as work progresses”.

“It is thought that it is caused by lethargy in the daytime or the lack of ability to concentrate in case of a person who is not so long as it is a person so far, and it is thought that it is caused by excessive Some people have symptoms.The changes in behavioral aspects can be noticed by people and families in the workplace.Of course, I also want you to be careful about the change of people around me. ”

Especially sleep is a barometer of health. I can not sleep well, I wake up early in the morning, if I keep sleeping change for more than two weeks, I need attention.

Part 4: How to deal with bad stress 1

When I feel a change in physical, psychological, behavioral aspects, it is not an initial state anymore. In the case of a cold, when you feel initial symptoms such as sneezing or chilling, you will be dealing early before it gets worse. Such early measures are important for mental health as well. When feeling a transient mind that is different from usual, it is necessary to reduce stress.

■ Take a firm sleep

As a way to relieve stress, the first thing I would like to do is to save my mind’s energy. For that, it is important to get a good sleep. I’d like to get a good quality sleep for about 6 hours. Those who feel a problem with sleep, think about consulting with Doctor.

■ Take distance from stimulation

Excessive stress symptoms are tiring for reacting to stimuli. In order to reduce irritation, take distance from the stress source making your distress. The best thing is to take a physical distance that it has no relationships or contacts. If that is impossible, make temporary contacts or avoid interests, make time and psychological distances.

If the boss is a stress source, it is difficult to keep a physical distance. In that case, in order to take a psychological distance, listen only objective facts out of the words spoken by the person, so that the emotional part is not heard. For example, when you get angry with a mistake, you accept the fact that you make a mistake, but ignore the boss’s emotional saying “You are not good”. By doing so, you can reduce the stimulus that your heart receives, and you can protect yourself.

It is also advantageous that you can objectively judge why you feel distress by taking a stress source and distance. If you know the tendency of your stress source, you can pay attention to such stress sources in the future.
Part 5: Countermeasures against Bad Stress 2

As a way to relieve stress, some people drink alcohol and clear up depression or shopping by distraction. However, it is not a fundamental solution, it is just escaping from the problem, so it is not suitable as a method. Also be careful when consulting with colleagues or friends.

For example, a roller coaster is distressed for those who do not like you, even if you like you. That means that stress sources differ depending on the person. If you do not grasp the part firmly, there are cases in which you can create distress by consulting people.

“Why can not you do such a thing?” “Why do you think about that?” When I consulted a person, when these words come back from the other person, “I wonder if I can not do it” Is it because it thinks such as?

If the distressed state lasts long, depressed feelings and emotions of self denial are strengthened. Because the mind is another “texture”, even words that you can usually endure are sometimes stabbed in your heart. In such a case, if you make a mistake in the person or place to talk about, there is a danger of being exposed to double suffering.

For example, if you wanted me to simply hang out and write spicy feelings on my blog, there are many writes that deny myself, and in the opposite case it gets hurt. Moreover, although this person consulted with the person who thought that it understood, an unexpected reaction came back, and it sometimes suffers from the sense of isolation that “nobody knows me”.

It is important to talk to someone who can share their spicy on a daily basis, but that does not always solve all of them. Since it is a friend, there are contents that can not be consulted because it is a parent, so careful attention is required for the partner who consults.

Consult experts in a protected state

Recently many companies have counseling rooms inside the company. There are also cases where we are tied up with external counseling rooms, so let’s first examine what kind of things are prepared to maintain your mental health with the benefits of your company.

Regarding the contents consulted in the counseling room, personal information is protected and the information does not affect personnel affairs. Since counselors are accountable for the confidentiality of personal information, it is safe to check the information that is protected first.

If there is no counseling work for the company’s welfare benefits, you can look up clinical psychologists nationwide at sites such as “Meeting clinical psychologists” (Japan Clinical Psychologist Association).

The counseling room tends to think in Japan as a special place where special people go when they are in special circumstances. However, it is common to have a dedicated counselor in the West. I would like to see a method of using counseling so as to keep my mental health from now on, like going to a hospital after injury.

“Counseling is” Esthetic of the mind. “The protagonist is the one who came and the expert supports it so that you can be aware of the power for problem solving in yourself.The person who does not want to go to the company I do not persuade you to go to the company, but I will explore the cause together as to what I am doing.It is necessary to listen to the subject without including subjectivity and evaluation at that time, It requires special training, so if you have expert support you can more safely face your heart, “Honda said.

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