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Acne / Pimple

What is ACNE

Acne is a common skin condition that most people experience at some point, most often as teenagers, but may persist into the 30’s and beyond.A pimple usually affects a face but also affect the back, neck, buttocks, and chest.

ACNE and Skin Anatomy

The skin has Sebaceous glands lie under the skin surface. These Sebaceous glands make the sebum, oily substances that moisturise the skin surface and keeps supple and smooth.A small canal connects pores on the surface to the underlying Sebaceous glands called follicle.

There are thousands of minute openings in the skin. Through these pores, oily substance sebum produced by sebaceous glands located in deeper dermis layer is come out to the skin surface through these follicles.

Causes of ACNE

Acne results when tiny openings in the Skin become plugged by excessive production of Sebum and dead cells. Teenage is the time where most of us get pimple eruptions.It’s almost normal during puberty, there is an increased production of hormones.These changes are an essential part of our growth milestones.These changes in hormonal levels also stimulate the oil glands in our dermis to secrete more Sebum.
As a result Sebum along with dead cells that block the skin pores and the bacteria get entrapped bacterias Inside the skin pores.The result is redness, swelling, painful pus-filled bumps on the skin surface usually called as Pimples or Acne.

Different types of Acne or Pimples

1. Blackheads

Sebum, the oil like substances, dead skin cells and bacteria block pores.If Skin pores stay open, the oily substance produced by sebaceous glands get oxidises with Melanin pigments and looks black or grey in colour.This is usually called as blackheads.

2. Whiteheads

In some cases blocked Skin pore is covered by a thin skin layer. Which results in sebum and bacteria along with dead skin cells stuck under an outer surface Is look like a white bump, called Whiteheads.

3. Papule

we can define papule are second stages of whiteheads, where the bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells under the skin have causes follicle wall breaks which leads inflammation and causes bigger solid pimples called Papule. These are very easy to notice as it is solid, hard and without any liquid associated with it.

4. Pustules

Pustules are similar to a papule, with yellowish liquid pus fills look like a blister. Pustules are not hard may feel painful to the touch. Squeeze and rupture cause scar formation.

5. Nodules and Acne Cysts

Nodules and Acne cysts are similar types and can occur independently.Further Infection and irritation of Papules and Pustules causing inflammation of surrounding tissues and follicles to form Nodules or Cysts.Nodules are hard and sore to touch and extends lesions to a deeper layer of the skin. Acne Cysts usually are puss filled smaller and softer lesions lodged deep within the skin.Nodules and Pimple Cysts often have a genetic predisposition.If these are not properly managed in time, it will eventually leave a permanent scar mark.

Ayurvedic and Natural Herbal treatments for ACNE

Ayurveda explains causes of pimple to hormonal triggering and imbalance during pre-adolescent and Adolescent period along with incompatible, unhealthy food and life habits.

Treatment approach in Ayurveda is based on normalising of vitiated channels of body and detoxification procedures that help to maintain normal hormonal level, revitalises the tissues and prevent inflammation.

When should I see an Ayurvedic Dermatologist or Herbal ACNE Consultant?

Everyone experiences Acne during teenage or at any point in their lifetime.If you are feeling that Acne, Pimples, papules or pustules are not resolving as you expect or it’s creating problems to your skin health or even affecting your confidence level.Then it is better, to seek an expert advice from an Ayurvedic Physician.

Earlier treatments and preventive therapies are advisable those who have a parent with a past history of Acne or Papules. Home remedies for Acne or pimples ‘ such as applying Pappaya fruit juices or applying curry leave pate with Lime juice mixed with ground nut oil or applying past made up of orange peel with little Curcuma powder and honey etc can Improves symptoms and relieve Cane and pimples.

In some people with Acne or Papule, these home remedies are less effective or symptoms return back once takes a break.Most important thing is treatment should not be delayed because symptoms of Acne or Pimples are ignored or not properly managed, it may ultimately damage your skin tissues.

Our Speciality Treatments for

Acne, Whiteheads, Blackheads, Papule, Pustules, Pimple Cyst, Nodules and Associated hyper pigmentation.

What to expect from my Ayurvedic Acne Consultation?

Ayurcliniq’s expert Ayurvedic Dermatologist look for the real causes of your acne or pimples. We assess your medical history along with symptoms to provide you a unique tailor-made treatment that suitable to your body types. A positive family history can be helpful for our physicians to assess severity of pimples.

Common Treatment protocols for acne managements includes PanchaKarma, the unique natural detoxification treatment protocols, medicated herbal facial, herbal internal medications, skin revival care using special facial massage made from unique natural herbals and special dietary advice to ensure complete cure.

During your follow-up appointments with doctors at, our Experts hear and talk with patients about their medications, worries and also provide a guideline to prevent recurrence and to lead a happy and healthy life.

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