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Gout is among the most painful forms of rheumatism. It attacks joints and soft parts, at first often the base of the big toe.

Gout has been known since antiquity as a prosperity disease of those who daily approve wine and meat meals. In fact, the lifestyle plays a certain role. Overweight, lack of exercise and a meat consumption of more than 50 kilograms per capita and year make the gout also in today’s Switzerland to a widespread rheumatic disease.

80% of the victims are male. In the case of gout, approximately 3% of the men who reach the AHV age are affected. In men over 40, gout is the most common inflammatory joint disease. The first gout attack in the life of a man falls an average of the food (between 40 and 45 years).

On the other hand, women are largely immune to gout until menopause; the female sex hormones protect against the disease. The first gout attacks women on average between 55 and 60 years.

Symptoms of Gout

The development of gout First stage of gout In the first stage, increased uric acid values in the blood (hyperuricemia) are seen in the patient, otherwise no further symptoms are present. This stage is referred to as asymptomatic hyperuricemia and is rarely medically treated. Even without treatment, the first stage often disappears by itself within 3 to 11 days. With a drug treatment the painattack can be interrupted within a few hours. Even if the swelling and the pain disappear again, gouty arthritis occurs again in most cases in the same joint or in another. The patient is usually painless for a certain period of time. Second stage of gout The second stage is called acute gouty arthritis. The patient suddenly develops a hot, red and swollen joint, which is triggered by the deposition of the uric acid crystals. In most cases, the knee joint is affected. These attacks are often caused by certain factors, e.g. chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension), injuries, surgeries, alcohol, very purine-containing foods, or certain medications. Gout attacks usually begin at night in a single joint. The pain can become so bad that the bedspread can reinforce it. Chills and mild fever may occur.

Uric acid and purines Uric acid is formed in the body during the breakdown of purines. On the one hand, these can be carcinogenic purines, which are formed during the degradation of body cells. On the other hand, purines are also found in certain foods, including meat and sausage. For an elevated uric acid level, the following causes can be considered: In the body too much uric acid is formed. No uric acid is excreted through the kidneys. Too many purines are taken over the food In most gout patients, a congenital tendency exists to an elevated uric acid level. However, certain behaviors such as a purine-rich diet can have a disease-promoting effect. Often they can even trigger an acute attack of gout: for not infrequently the symptoms occur after a lavish meal and abundant alcohol consumption.
General advice on treatment

For treatment to be effective, try to follow these recommendations:

● Do not allow constipation (you can take a laxative or include in the diet of boiled beets, which is a good way to prevent constipation)
● Refuse to drink alcoholic beverages (recommended the total refusal of any alcohol);
● Watch your diet (refuse to eat fried, sharp and strongly salty foods and foods);
● after defecation, wash yourself with cool water (it is recommended to completely abandon the use of toilet paper);
● Do not allow hypothermia and colds (do not sit on cold stairs, etc.);
● Refrain from engaging in heavy physical labor and debilitating physical exertion;
● abstain from standing and from prolonged sitting;
● In the evenings enemas are recommended with decoction of chamomile.

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