Almost seven out ten people, in their lifetime, have problems associated with digestion, flatulence. Now a day common phenomena as people and their lifestyle are getting busy and stressed every day. Food habits and lifestyle are the two important things that cause constipation.Constipation is a condition or difficulty to pass feces or passing hard stool. The condition of constipations is caused by many reasons to less amount of water you consumed to certain diseases conditions and usage of some medicines all lead. Most of the individuals with constipation should take an Expert medical advice as it causes by various reasons.Recurrent constipation’s may lead to piles¬† Fissure, fistula, flatulence and gastritis.

Causes of constipation

Constipation’s is developed as a result of bowel is moved through large intestines or colon is slowly and it leads to increased absorption of water from bowel matter. As a result, feces become hard. Causes of constipations are extended from unwholesome and unhealthy food habits to certain disease conditions.

Ayurveda describes causes of constipation’s is related to individuals Ahara and Vihara. Means dietary habits and lifestyle and habits.

In Ahara, the person with a habit of using less fiber content, using junk foods,non-vegetarian diets, not drinking enough water.

In vihara, the persons with lesser physical activities, changes in daily routines due to traveling or not going to the toilet when there is a need.

Self-help for constipations

Correcting Constipations: Correcting is very essential. It is necessary to set up a regular pattern of passing stools. This can be done by adopting a high fiber diet, not only till the fissure heals bur permanently to avoid recurrence. A high fiber diet may be supplemented by taking bulk-forming agent when & where required.

Management of Constipation

Ayurveda offers conservative treatment for correcting constipations. It also improves digestion and colicky movements thus prevent constipations systematically.

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