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Ayurgem Weight loss Management Program

Looking Beautiful and healthy with body and mind is the dream of every individual. Healthy weight, It does not means to be perfectly skinny, as slightly overweight individual can also look great. But there are situations when the weight is too excessive, and then not just losing weight, but the treatment and management of obesity is necessary because it may leads to other health conditions.

How can I assess my obesity?

You can understand how much body weight is maintained ,by calculating our body mass index. You can assess your BMI here. In a normal healthy individual with normal weight, BMI should not exceed 25. If the BMI is between 25 and 30, that individuals with no additional health problems, need to follow a unique diet chart and lifestyle corrections so that weight returns to normal. If BMI exceeds 30, then a proper consultation with doctor and wellness expert and an obesity treatment is necessary. Because the value of BMI is a relative indicator of obesity. It is important to understand this overweight is dangerous
for our health as per our lifestyle and dietary habits by contacting a specialist.

AyurGem Obesity care

Your enrolling to our state of art obesity management program only after the causes of excessive weight gain have been clarified by our specialists, after evaluating various factors including food style to emotional habit. The most common weight gain symptom is increased abdominal girth. In more than seventy percentage of people with abnormal belly fat is due to
uncontrolled food intake by the patient. An increase in the subcutaneous fat mass, especially in the abdomen, can occur in both women and men. In this case, with specific treatments and dietary modifications will help you to quickly return to normal body weight without the use of any serious medications and physical rest.

One of the reason that causes abdominal obesity or increased belly fat in women is thyroid malfunction and requires a specific treatments approach. Our doctors and experienced wellness experts will support you to select right treatments based on the the causes of obesity.

How myHealthyWEIGHT program helps?

In our Ayurgem Health and Wellness Villages at four different geographical locations , every individual receives authentic advice and recommendations to cope with and manage excess fat deposits. The treatment starts with a mild change in diet and exercise. What we are eating, how much saturated and balanced are our foods etc are very important. If you have any hormonal imbalance or specific medications, the doctor will help you to choose right exercises and delicious food menu which is helpful for your unique health conditions.

The journey to loose extra flab naturally

Ayurveda the Vedic Science describes various natural methods to loos our extra gained weight in a healthy way. AyurGem with inspiration from Ayurvedic literatures and it’s vast knowledge, introduces specific weight loss program myHealthyWEIGHT. This is the best natural program to reduce BMI and also to lead a beautiful healthy life. Our panel of expert doctors will tailor the therapies suitable to your prakruti, body, metabolism, skin texture, lifestyle and dietary habits.

Duration of therapies : 14 days to 28 Days

Day 1 to Day 7

Udwarthana, lepana and Vasti

Udwarthana: Is a Speciality Ayurvedic massage using fine herbal powders. Ayurvedic herbal powders apply all over the body and do massage to exfoliate the skin.

Benefits: It reduces the accumulated sub cutaneous fats. Udwarthana helps to removes cellulites and thus help in weight reduction. It improves blood flow, activates and revitalises body by preserving their strength, natural elasticity and skin texture.

Lepanam: Is the application of herbal wraps to entire body. Medicated herbals using Curry leaves, Rakta chandana, Vettiver and lotus petals, with medicated herbal fine powders mix with rose water and pure natural honey are used for preparing herbal paste.

Benefits: Natural ingredients present in the lepam boost immunity of our skin. It reduces perspiration and associated foul smell. Lepanam is very effective in managing hyper pigmentations or black discolouration due to increased body weight. Ayurvedic lepanam is also helpful to prevent stretch mark in skin. Vasti : Is a medicated enema using herbal decotion and honey. Specific herbal medicines are used based on the BMI, health conditions, immunity power and digestive power of individuals.

Benefits: Vasti is very effective in correcting our metabolism. Ayurveda give much importance for proper digestive power in obese persons. The medicines used in vasti is very helpful to reduce weight gain and also delay carbohydrate and starch absorption from gut. It also effective in low back Ache , Obesity, Indigestion, Stress and Sleep disorders. It rejuvenated the rectal plexus, stimulate the colicky movements and strengthen immunity.

Day 7 to Day 14

Kashaya Dhãra, Pizhichil, Swedana

Kashaya Dhãra: Is a unique Ayurvedic treatment evolved and practiced by Genius Ayurvedic Physicians of Kerala. A continuous stream of medicated herbal decoctions, is poured onto the body with a gentle rhythm.

Benefits: It deeply relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation to extremities. Kashaya Dhãra improves fat metabolism in body. It improves color and texture of skin and also relieves skin infections.

Pizhichil: One of the unique treatments developed by great Ayurvedic Practitioners from Kerala. It is a rhythmic pouring of medicated oils using a cloth all over the body. Therapist also do a mild massage following the stream
of precious oil.

Benefits: Dilates the peripheral blood vessels and improves blood supply to layers of skin, nourishes and rejuvenate outer layer. It also helps to get rid of toxins and impurities naturally. It also prevents fat depositions in specific areas
of body.

Swedana: Is an Ayurvedic purifying, rejuvenating and detoxifying therapy. Special herbals are infused into the Steam and these moist heat directly apply upon the body to make it warm. An important treatment procedures using unique herbal decoction to improve metabolism.

Benefits: It dilate the blood vessels, allowing to perspire and to excrete the toxins. Prevents Varicose vein, Venous Ulcers on legs, blood vessel narrowing and reduces Hypertension.
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