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Dr Subhash Subramanian

Chief Physician


Areas of Expertise : Ayurvedic Dermatology, Ayurvedic Nephrology, Ayurvedic Immunology

He is a Graduate in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery with twelve years of experiences in Ayurvedic management of Skin diseases and Kidney diseases. He is from Kerala Ayurvedic background with extensive knowledge and expertise of herbals and has introduced several novel protocols to Auto immune Skin disease management.

He has involved in Clinical trials of Psoriasis , Auto immune Skin Diseases ,End stage Renal Diseases and Diabetic Nephropathy, have published in peer reviewed international scientific journals. Dr Subhash has played a significant role in bringing several Ayurvedic patented medicines to market.

After post graduation he entered & Expertise in Conventional Ayurvedic treatment Protocols & his interest went beyond mere Clinical practices, focusing on research in Ayurvedic pharmacology. With his five years experiences at abroad, he has had opportunities to interact and work with international patients and wellness organisations.

As a dedicated and passionate Ayurvedic physician Dr Subhash Subramanian has the experience, tertiary knowledge to treat Skin diseases and Ayurvedic management of Kidney diseases.