Piles (Haemorrhoids)

What is Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Almost Six out of ten people, in their lifetime, have problems associated with digestion, flatulence, and Constipation. Most of them are associated with food habits and lifestyle, Which leads to further conditions such as Piles (Haemorrhoids), Fissure, fistula etc. These are not cured by itself. It needs proper treatment and care.

Piles (Haemorrhoids) usually called as Haemorrhoid, are masses or dumps of tissue within the anal canal which contain blood vessels and the surroundings, supporting tissues made up of muscle and elastic fibres. During it’s formation the vessels of anal tissues swell and the supporting tissues increase in size. The bulging mass of tissues and blood vessels protrude into the anal canal. Prolonged sitting constipation, fast food habit, etc are the main causes of piles in IT professionals and working individuals.

Symptoms of Piles (Haemorrhoids)

At initial stage normal individuals not recognized any symptoms as it is developed along with constipation and indigestion. You will also find out a lump in the anal canal.Pain and discomfort after defecation and feeling of bowel not completely emptied. Bleeding of pile mass or blood stains in feces is a common symptom of pile mass in its initial stage. Later prolapses of pile mass take place along with pain , discomfort and continuous bleeding lead to anemia in most of the patient, if he or she is not received a proper medical care.

Types of Piles or hemorrhoids

Based on the symptoms and location we can add Piles (Haemorrhoids) into two broad categories. External piles and internal piles.

External pile mass or hemorrhoids is a lump or dilated blood vessel covered with a skin around the anal opening. Usually, in external pile mass there is pain, itching and swelling in around the anal opening. In most of the cases, there is associated infection and difficulty in cleaning after going to the toilet.

Internal Pile mass or internal hemorrhoids is the dilation of a blood vessel within the anal canal usually in the lower portion. The patient with internal piles usually has a discomfort during defecation and has blood stains in a stool or in toilet paper. Based on the severity of diseases internal piles can further divide into four subtypes. First degree, second degree, third degree and fourth-degree pile mass or hemorrhoids.

First-degree Internal Piles, in this condition there is an enlarged blood vessel or a lump is formed inside the anal canal. It may be noticed during an anal inspection by a doctor or it can also cause bleeding during defecation.

Second-degree pile mass, In this condition external anal opening, is intact. During defecation there is an enlarged lump or pile mass is coming out of the canal and it is retracted back after defecation.

Third Degree pile mass, In third degree the pile mass that coming out of anal canal during a bowel movement or due to exertion is stayed outside and always needed to push back to the anal canal after completing defecation.This condition is associated with bleeding and pain.

Fourth-degree pile mass, In this condition the pile mass or hemorrhoids that come out from the anal canal is stayed outside and is not retracted to anal canal even if we push back. In this condition there is an increased chance of pain, discomfort, bleeding, and infections of a stalk of prolapsed pile mass.

Ayurvedic management of Piles

Classical texts of Ayurveda like Sushruta & Charak advocate the use of many herbal combinations both oral & topical for the treatment of Piles. In ayurcliniq experiences of doctors over 12 years in Anorectal Diseases,  have completed clinical trials of a number of these combinations and have developed a few very effective combinations to treat this condition.

This is a time-tested Ayurveda – herbal combinations are very effective and our state of the art conservative treatment for Piles is saving your agony and time. Keep in mind that Piles or hemorrhoids are not cured by itself, it always needs an experienced medical advices and treatments.

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