“Oh, it’s getting stressed!” When you are asked to revise your proposal in a hurry when your boss is hurting badly, you are being impatient with your appointment, but when a taxi gets congested, etc. If you work, you feel some stress.

There may be people thinking “I want to go to a world without stress”! But unfortunately, there is no such world. Even if you are not working, you get stressed by touching others, you feel stresses, such as heat, cold, rain, temperature, and climate. In other words, as long as we live, we can not afford to be stressed.

Therefore, it is the plan of this time to understand the stresses that have been consistent for a long time and to deal with stress management before appearing as symptoms in the body.

Major Stress Causes

In order to reduce Stress, it is important to reduce tension sources. For that, let’s first think about what sort of things can be stress sources.
Here sources can be divided into four major categories: physical factors, scientific factors, biological factors, and social factors. If you are a lot of business to business partners, it is easy to feel the physical factors caused by light, temperature and so on. Also, if you are working at a factory, scientific factors due to metal powder and dust are likely to lead. While watching the following, let’s guess the stresses that you are likely to receive.

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