Psoriasis is a Non-infectious Skin disease with well-defined affected areas with silvery scales and rashes. Rashes may become red and itchy. It’s a Chronic Inflammatory Disorder or we can call as Auto immune disease. Which means Over active immune response is a causative factor for the development of Psoriatic lesions and associated problems such as Psoriatic arthritis etc. Mostly these silvery scales and lesions are predisposed in pressure points or have a typical distribution on scalp, trunk, elbow, knee, front and back of legs.Psoriatic lesions also found in palm, soles of a foot.

What changes happened in your body with Psoriasis ?

Psoriasis appears to be largely a disorder of Keratinisation means a premature formation of a horny layer of Keratin cells.Human skin has two layers Epidermis and Dermis.In between lies, a thin subcutaneous tissue called hypodermis.Outer Epidermis layer is tough and it contains keratin cells melanin pigment-producing melanocytes. The second layer called the dermis.  Hair roots, Sweat glands, oil glands and nerve endings are involved in Dermis layer.

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