Osteoporosis, in other words, is a bone disease, and it is a disease in which bone tissue declines, resulting in a higher incidence of fractures. The most common and earliest vertebral fractures, of which only 25-30 percent. It manifests itself in the form of acute pain. Another particularly dangerous consequence of is the proximal femur fracture. As a result of it, 50% The injured lose their ability to move independently, and every fifth woman and every third man dies in the first year after the break

Osteoporosis - causes and risk factors

Natural processes to weaken bone tissue accelerate calcium deficiency in the body. If we crossed the bone, its interior would resemble a sponge. That’s why this part of it is called spongy substance. The bone is surrounded by it. An important component of both parts is a collagen mesh with crystals of calcium salts. When the collagen network becomes irregular, its calcium content is seldom reduced and decreased, it means bone loss and osteoporosis (osteoporosis).The bone becomes brittle, porous, light. The density of bone tissue and its resistance to external factors decrease.

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