Obesity is a condition characterized by high amounts of fat in the body. It is caused when the person eats food more than the calorie requirement of the body. There is an imbalance between the calories-in and calorie-out for a person who is obese. It depends upon factors such as genetics and heredity, overeating, consumption of food containing high-fat content and the lack of physical exercise and activity.


Known as Medarog in Ayurveda, the treatment of obesity in this branch of medicine is well developed and effective. In the philosophy of Ayurveda, Medarog is caused due to the increase of Kapha in the body. Kapha is the Ayurvedic humor characterized by a slow, sticky, wet, cold and heavy nature. Kapha is known to govern the entire structure and the lubrication of the mind and the body. It controls the weight and formation of all seven tissues in the body i.e. fat, muscles, blood, bones, marrow, nutritive fluids and reproductive tissues.

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