Low Sperm Count

What is low sperm count or oligozoospermia ? Pregnancy refers to a fertility male sperm in the number of sperm is lower than normal a disease, that is, less male semen. International Health Organization stipulates that the male sperm per milliliter of not less than 20 million, if less than 20 million on the classified as oligospermia, fertility will have a great impact. Oligozoospermia is a common male disease, one of the causes of male infertility. Oligozoospermia may be congenital, there may be some of the body caused by changes in the quality of the disease, such as prostatitis , epididymitis , testicular disease.

Causes of oligozoospermia

The main causes of oligozoosperm disease factors, such as varicocele , cryptorchidism, urinary tract infection , low autoimmune, drug factors, sexual life too frequently, nutritional deficiencies, physical factors, specifically lead to oligozoospermia The reason is:

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