Low Sexual Desire

The power of sexual desire. Sexual attraction (today it is more often called sexual desire) – a specific motivation, focused on sexual activity and the desire for sexual pleasure. A person with a stronger sex drive is more intense and/or more likely to have sex for sex, and not to meet other, more distant goals, such as reproduction, power or freedom from stress, and this motivation overcomes Low Sexual Desire. An analytical review of 5,400 scientific articles(Baumeister et al., 2001) showed that for most indicators male sexual attraction is much stronger than female.

Causes of Low Sexual Desire

Reduced libido and a decreased desire to have sex are some of the key indications of low testosterone. Testosterone is the main male hormone and is responsible for several organic functions, such as Low Sexual Desire maintaining fertility, increasing libido and Low Sexual Desire, and more. Generally, from the age of 30, a completely normal physiological decline occurs in the production of this hormone. This reduction is even more pronounced after the age of 40, with a drop of approximately 1% per year of this production.

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