Liver health

The liver has various functions such as alcohol decomposition, bile generation/secretion that helps digestion, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. It can be said that everyone is very encouraging, who have been indebted to us from day one. The Liver health of such a worker also decreases the function if the burden due to too much eating, drinking too much, excessive diet, stress, sleep deprivation, constipation etc becomes large. So, why do not you touch the liver with your meal? This time it is an Italian flavored seasoning and it is a Liver health friendly recipe “Stir-fried shrimp with shrimp and asparagus” that shows green, white and red which are colors of the Italian flag.

Dioxin in the food chain

The liver removes digestive and toxic substances (including dioxins that are now back in the news) that do not belong in the body. During these busy times, ‘crisis’, stress and frustration adds another ’emotional poison’ charge. Therefore, it is worth to love for your liver. Because who cares well, it gets energy, good weight and a good mood for a back.

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