Kidney Disease Prevention

The kidneys perform a very important function in our body. You remove the Substances of metabolism. If the kidneys do not work well for a long time, we call chronic renal failure. Renal failure can quite have different causes. If Kidney Disease Prevention tissue is affected by a disease, part of the disease goes Renal corpuscles with the associated renal tubules. The rest of The kidneys (filter) are very hard to get the job done. That succeeds mostly good. Only if there is not enough healthy tissue left the Kidney Disease Prevention will occur. In most cases, that something is wrong. Often, the talk is of a gradual injury of the kidneys. If only 5 to 10% of the renal tissue functioned, one speaks of a severe renal failure. Without treatment this is life-threatening. It is then necessary to renal function by means of dialysis or transplant to replace

Causes of Kidney damage

Damage to the kidney can be the result of a number of disorders. Here you will find the most common causes of chronic renal failure. Please note the following: these causes do not always lead to one permanent damage to the kidneys! If, however, chronic renal failure is, in many cases, one of the diseases listed below responsible.

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