Fatty liver diseases

Fatty liver is a condition that fat accumulates in the liver cells. It is said that one in seven asian people has fatty liver now. It has been considered as a mild illness in the past. However, recently, the liver disease has the potential to progress to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, and it has been found that the risk of various lifestyle diseases also increases.

liver disease caused by overweight due to obesity and excessive drinking of alcohol is a relatively mild disease among liver diseases which cures by improving lifestyle habits.

Causes of fatty liver

Fatty liver is a disease in which triglyceride accumulates in the liver. Lipids ingested by meals are absorbed in the small intestine and broken down into fatty acids in the liver, carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, absorbed from the small intestine, and then turned into neutral fat in the liver. It is only necessary to balance intake energy and consumption energy, but if you take too much lipid and carbohydrate and further exercise, fatty acids and glucose which you could not use were stored in the liver as neutral fat I will.

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