Eczema is a skin condition in which some small or large patches of skin develop itchiness, redness and get cracked. It is a very common skin condition and affects a large number of people all over the world. Eczemas is mainly a rash on your skin that can either be concentrated to one place or spread all over the body, depending on the severity of the situation. It is caused by factors such as allergens, irritants, extreme temperatures, some foods, hormones, microbes or sometimes due to stress. However, the exact cause of the disease is not known. If a child has Eczema, there is a great likelihood that his parents had it too.

Ayurvedic and Natural Herbal Treatments For Eczema

In Ayurveda, Eczema is called Vicharchika and is said to be caused by the imbalance in the body metabolism and Pitta Dosha. Ayurveda has lots of herbs and remedies. The texts say that this is only caused due to improper eating habits and bad lifestyles. Ayurvedic treatment is the best in depleting the root cause of the disease so that it does not affect the person again.

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