How we are different

To get the best results in treatment, our chief doctor along with his passionate team of  doctors foundedSystemic Bio Labs with a clean vision to develop effective Ayurvedic medicines in our own manufacturing unit. Systemic Bio Labs Pvt Ltd, Trivandrum is our manufacturing division& a GMP certified Company which produces 52 Classical Ayurvedic medicinal preparations and 26 Personal Care products, including Nature Lips, India’s first completely herbal lip balm, Certified from Drug Controller of India. We ensure quality of our products by using herbs from own garden or collected direct from the field.


Immediate new project

Our new Hospital located at Kanjani Road, Ayyanthole, Thrissur which is under construction is nearing completion. This hospital and the treatment protocol there is designed to effectively integrate all the collectively accumulated achievements of Ayurveda through centuries with the modern diagnosis techniques, so that Ayurveda becomes the natural first choice for the treatment of any health issue.

Immediate future plans

Ayurgem is looking forward very optimistically into the future too. In the existing and emergingGlobal scenario where Kerala Health Care System is setting an example for the world to follow , we are pretty confident about the greater global possibilities of the medical might of Genuine, Authentic Ayurveda . Also, we cannot ignore the significant human impact on the earth’s ecosystem, causing heavy damage to the biodiversity and climate, forcing us to live with serious environmental issues like climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and resource depletion.

Ayurgem wants to address these aspects of human needs by building a wellness ecosystem. Ayurgem International Wellness Club is a project in this direction. This will be a wellness platform purely based on the fundamental principle of the proven medical might of Genuine , Authentic Ayurveda as a Preventive Health Care System.