Hair Fall and its remedies in Ayurveda

Home remedies for hair fall

Hair fall has become a common issue today with increased stress levels and a hectic lifestyle. Though most schools of medicine have over the counter medicines to combat hair loss, it has been seen that many of them have side effects. Out of the various schools of medicine, Ayurveda is much sought after in dishing out remedies for hair fall primarily because it is made of natural ingredients which are  Kerala herbal medicines and is free of side effects. Thus it is ideal to look at ayurvedic remedies for acute hair fall. It is critical to take all possible measures to combat hair fall since if left unattended it can become a problem that requires serious attention. Hairfall can also be indicative of serious health problems. There are many home remedies for hair fall most of which use readymade ingredients easily available at home. However in certain conditions that cause hairfall such as dandruff itchy scalp or split ends and even certain types of scalp infection just using home remedies as a  hair loss ayurvedic treatment at home may not be enough. This necessitates the use of Ayurveda.

The following article takes a look at top five hair loss ayurvedic remedies.

Remedy -1 – Bhringraj

Bhringraj or the “king of herbs” will not just help to increase hair growth but also controls balding. It can also help to take care of premature greying. The herb can be used either in the powdered form or as a gel or oil. Bhringaraj has a cooling effect and soothes the scalp. It also helps to cure insomnia and other sleep disorders to a great extent.Bhringaraj can be blended into a paste using a mixer or a mortar and pestle and mixed with Luke warm oil or water. It can either be used alone or in combination with amla or shikakai.

Remedy-2 – Gooseberry or Amla

Amla is known to have a lot of medicinal properties and is rich in vitamins. Gooseberry extract or powder cannot just resolve hairfall but also is known to be a blood purifier and indigestion. The gooseberry powder is also a conditioner that resolves scalp issues like itching and Dandruff treatment. The gooseberry can be either used in the form of extract where the juice of the gooseberry is taken and applied directly to the scalp. In a more commonly used version, gooseberry is dried and powdered and mixed with water and applied to the scalp after oiling the scalp for about fifteen to thirty minutes. The gooseberry powder can be used alone or in combination with shikaki wherein, it imparts a natural brown color to the hair.

Remedy -3 – Neem

Neem leaves has always been associated with skin ailments and thus is a powerful remedy for hair loss as well. It has been observed that people who regularly wash their hair with neem powder or apply the juice of neem leaves on their scalp have richer and stronger hair. Neem is also an antidote for hair infections and also works to prevent other causative factors of hairfall such as dandruff and itchy scalp. Neem also improves circulation and makes the roots stronger thereby preventing split ends and hair breakage.Neem can also be used as powder form or as the extract by mixing with water or oil. The other option is to boil the neem leaves in water and make a string solution of it and apply it to hair after oiling.

Remedy -4 – Soap nuts.

From very early years Indian women have always used soap nut or ritha on their hair. It is assumed that soapnut even produces lather like shampoo which is why it has been given its name. Ritha functions like a shampoo and makes the hair smooth and removes dirt from the scalp. One of the key reasons why ritha should be preferred over shampoo is that is a natural herb which can give your hair everything that a shampoo gives. This can also function as a conditioner leaving your hair naturally smooth and shining. In order to use this soap nuts have to be soaked overnight and then boiled in the same water.After cooling the solution can be applied to the hair and when you scrub a lather will appear. This can then be washed off.

Remedy -5 – Shikakai

The fruit is yet another ayurvedic alternative to shampoo. Shikakai is rich in antioxidants which helps to improve the scalp health and also fosters hair growth. It cleans the scalp and also helps to prevent infection in the hair. The regular usage of shikaki can inhibit dandruff and hair lice. In order to use shikaki the fruit will have to be dried and then powdered. This is then mixed with water to make a paste or a solution which will then be applied to the scalp during the bath and washed off after one or two minutes.

There are also other herbs which can be used for hair care. Some of the commonly used ones include ashwagandha, Brahmi, and jatamansi but these may not be easy to procure and thus may need to be used by taking the relevant ayurvedic shampoo or oil which may have one or more of these ingredients. In an age where most people prefer to migrate to organic products for fear of terminal illnesses like cancer, it is important to understand how Ayurveda can help to control hair fall.


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