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Ayurvedic Cerebral Palsy Treatments and Rehabilitation

Most patients with cerebral palsy in adulthood can lead a normal life. However, it all depends on what measures to minimize the damage to health were taken at an early age. In childhood, the brain develops very actively. It has much greater compensatory capabilities than the adult brain. Therefore, the treatment of cerebral palsy, which began in the early age, will be most effective.

Ayurvedic rehabilitation Treatment of cerebral palsy is mainly aimed at eliminating the symptoms and restoration of functions that suffered as a result of this disease. AyurGem unique massage, which helps to normalize muscle tone. Also in the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy is widely used therapeutic exercises. Exercise therapy helps to
improve coordination of movements. But it gives a tangible effect only if classes are held regularly throughout their lives. Good results are also provided by classes on special simulators.

Therapy Duration
27 Days, 35Days, 51 Days 91 Days packages available

Our Experienced Ayurvedic Doctor will help you to choose duration of therapies based on your unique physical condition, history of injury and stage of recovery. Also postoperative diet is very important for complete and speedy recovery.The special menu developed by our doctors and nutritionists and is always selected individual needs.

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