Ayur Stress Relieving Treatments

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Ayur Stress Relieving Treatments

AyurGem unique de stress program includes therapeutic deep tissue massage, Dhãrã and Siro Vasti session using Essential Medicated Kerala Ayurvedic oils, precisely designed to Calm, Revitalize and Stimulate your Senses and Organs. Our Professional Therapist using Kerala Kalari massage techniques, it’s a rhythmic pressure massage on your pressure points, it kneads away Stress, improves Circulation, release muscle tension and helps to expels toxins, nourishing skin and creating an unparalleled state of tension free relaxation and overall feeling of harmony and balance.Please join and experience the beauty of life as it should be.

Therapy Duration

1 Day, 3 Days, 5 Days, 7 days, 14 Days packages available

Our Experienced Ayurvedic Doctor will help you to choose duration of therapies based on your unique physical condition, Prakriti, life style and working habits.

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