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Anti ageing Skin Revival Treatments

Ayurveda is the only medical system in the world with huge knowledge, completely natural and herbal methodologies in effectively delaying ageing process and reviving body tissues to new level.

The natural alkaloids, vitamins and minerals in the medicated oil helps to maintain circulation and thus build a smooth, healthy and instant glowing skin.

AyurGem state of art Ant ageing Skin Revival therapies includes removal of dead skin debris, improving circulation to outer layers of skin, re-hydrate skin with natural oils and minerals . The active ingredients in herbal oils prevents breakdown of collagen fibers in skin, thus preventing formation of stretch mark and wrinkles in skin.

Therapy Duration

7 days, 14 Days and 21 Days packages available

Our Experienced Ayurvedic Doctor will help you to choose duration of therapies based on your unique physical condition, Prakriti, life style and working habits.

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